Powrmatic Powrtrol RR Control

The Powrtrol/RR control device is designed for ease of use and to maximise the performance of your heating system cotnrolling a single unit and allowing for remote burner fault reset, and summer fan only operation.The Powrtrol can control one heater only.

The Powrtrol and Powtrol RR both have a protect digital timer. The controls are simple to program and reset if any problems occur with your heating system.

The Powtrol RR is designed for a rugged life. With an all metal box construction and individually replaceable parts, a tough design which is easily repairable, gives the controller long life in a hostile environment.

Powrmatic Powrtrol RR

The Powrtol RR is the rugged specification model. With all controls kept in a metal constructed box. Giving you digital timed control, and twin day and night time temperature control,  the Powrtrol RR is designed for ease of use and to maximize the performance of your heating system controlling a single unit.

The Powrtrol RR had the added benefit allowing for remote burner fault reset unlike the standard Powrtrol.

The Powrtrol RR have a digital control allowing for 16 on/off programs throughout the weekly period. The unit is fitted with twin dial thermostat enabling day and night (frost) temperatures to be easily adjusted.  Both thermostats are secured away and accessed by 2 screws.

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