U-Tube Radiant Heater

The Powrmatic range of U-Tube radiant heaters are the perfect solution designated spot heating.Whether you need to heat employees in your factory whilst they work or heat areas of crops or flowers within your horticultural applications, radiant heating provides a flexible heating solution.

Radiant single and double U-Tube Heaters are highly fuel efficient models ranging from 15kW to 94kW and are the ideal total heating system or for zone/spot heating resulting in large floor coverage using minimal units.

Depending on your model, the the U-Tube radiant heaters distribute adequate heat into the space below keeping occupants warm when needed.

U-Tube Radiant Heater

The Powrmatic PT range of gas fired tube heaters offers maximum efficiency from lightweight radiant heating tubes.

This new range of gas fired radiant tube heaters provides direct heat and warmth in a multitude of industrial, commercial and retail applications. The range is available in three types comprising – tubes, single linear and double linear tubes.

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 Features Include:

  • Specific features include:
  • 2 year parts and one year labour guarantee
  • Heat-treated aluminised calorised emitter tubes
  • U-tube or linear tube for application flexibility
  • Lightweight construction
  • Easy to assemble and fit
  • Aluminium reflectors designed to maximise downward radiation
  • Natural gas, propane or butane

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